Maria Arianna Huffington

ISBN: 9780297775447

Published: 1980


329 pages


Maria  by  Arianna Huffington

Maria by Arianna Huffington
1980 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, RTF | 329 pages | ISBN: 9780297775447 | 5.34 Mb

Once I decided I wanted to learn more about the personal life of Callas, I researched the best possible biography that would suit my own personal literary needs. I knew there were a lot of books out there that focused more on her singing, rather than her personal life. Although Im mesmerized by her voice, what I really wanted to know about were the juicy aspects of her life, especially that with Aristo Onassis. The book did not disappoint. Arianna Huffington wrote this book exquisitely, without being too overly indulgent in unnecessary gossip. It was just enough of what I wanted to know about Marias personal life, but not so much as to trash the legend for the sake of a biography.

She wrote about Maria with respect, understanding and sympathy. She did not hold back details Of Marias life. Arianna, took you chronologically through all the events in Marias life. The most honest account of a biography Ive ever read. I did not feel as emotionally attached to Maria as I would have liked, but I feel pity, sympathy and sadness for her.

In the end the book delivered. I learned about her life, her work, her love. It was quite engaging.

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